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A tech enthusiast and self learner, who believes in the power of community.

CSE Undergrad at PES University

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My introduction

I'm currently pursuing B.Tech in CSE from PES University, Bangalore.
I actively look for opportunities to develop my skillset and use it to solve challenging real-world problems.
Expanding my network, teaching, and building a collaborative environment to grow together, are among the few things that spur my interest.


My Technical Skills


Skills I have picked up over the years










Tools I know and use on a daily basis



Android Studio

VS Code


Autodesk Eagle


My Qualifications & Experience

B.Tech, CSE

PES University, Bangalore
2021 - Present


Expert Pre-University College, Mangalore
2018 - 2020

10th Grade

Sharada Vidyanikethana Public School, Mangalore
2016 - 2019

6th Grade

Manipal School, Attavar, Mangalore
2013 - 2015

3rd Grade

Bearys Public School, Mangalore
2007 - 2012

Web Dev Intern

Cisco ThingQbator
Sept 2022 - Present

Campus Mantri

Geeks for Geeks
June 2022 - Present

Major Project Intern

April 2022 - Present

Open-Source Contributor

Girlscript Summer of Code '22
Feb 2022 - May 2022

Ninja Entrepreneur

Coding Ninjas
Feb 2022 - Jul 2022

Campus Manager

CS Mock
Feb 2022

Boffin Builder

Blix Robotix, Maharashtra
June 2021 - Jan 2022


Fusion Community
May 2021 - Present

Samarpana ECC

Student Head
Sept 2022

OnCreate ECC

Core Team
Aug 2022 - Present

Github Developer Program

Mar 2022 - Present

IEEE Computer Society, PESU

Community Member
Feb 2022 - Present

Shunya Club, PESU

Campus Head ECC
Ex Head of Logistics
Core Team
Jan 2022 - Present


Community Member
Jan 2022 - Present

Eddie Hub

Open Source Volunteer
Jan 2022 - Present

Student Volunteer

Swachh Bharat Mission, Ramakrishna Missionary
Apr 2016 - Jul 2018

Events and Competitions

Organised Events and Competitions

MathBee 2022

16th September 2022
Organised the MathBee Event under Shunya PESU on the occasion of Engineer's day in PES EC Campus. MathBee encouraged participants to solve aptitude and logic-based questions in a fun and a unique way.

Introduction to Git and Github Workshop

June 12, 2022
Online Hands-on workshop on Git and Github tools, Version Control and Open Source Contribution, in association with Geeks for Geeks and PES University.

Check out the Repo

Arithemania 2022

April 2nd - April 3rd 2022
Part of the organising team, of a hackathon based on applied math, by Shunya PESU. Participants were given a platform to show their skills and creativity.

Begin with C 2021

Sept 25th - Sept 29th 2021
Organised an Online C programming workshop to provide hands-on experience to newbies in coding with C Language.

PyChamp 2021

June 15th - June 19th 2021
Organised an Online Python programming workshop to enable students to code with python and kickstart their ideas.

Check out the glimpse

Hands on PCB

May 28th 2021
Organised workshop on circuit designing using Autodesk Eagle. Students were exposed to PCB Production and the entire process of fabrication, and also developed their own arduino clone.

Check out the glimpse

CodeQuiz 2021

May 15th 2021
Organised an Online Coding Quiz at the state level. Students from different parts of the state took part in this event and put their coding skills to test.

Check out the glimpse

Learn C++ Workshop

May 2nd - May 7th 2021
Organised a 5 Day online workshop on coding with C++. A beginner-friendly 101 course on C++ language was presented to the students along with certification.


My works

CAPA Website
(Care and Prevent Anemia)

Currently Designing and Developing a full stack MPA for finding solutions to Anemia with interactive UI and a wide range of other functionalities.

Check out

Shunya Math Club PESU Website

Worked on the website for Shunya Club at PESU. Worked with VantaJS and AoSJS libraries. Respsonsive design with an interactive UI.

Check out

Trendy Bites Snacking Website

Developed a SPA for Trendy Bites, a vacuum fried snack company. Form integrations, responsive UI and smooth animations. SEO Optimised and fully accessible website.

Check out

Secure and Efficient Data Transmission

Secure and Efficient Data Transmission using Compression and Cipher Algorithms. A CLI Based project using C.

Check out the repo

Solving Constraint Satisfaction Problems with RAT

Consists of Sudoku and Rat in a Maze problems, solved using backtracking algorithms, with Python and Tkinter framework.

Check out the repo

Personal Portfolio Website

Static portfolio website to showcase my work and projects. Developed using HTML, Pure CSS and Vanilla JS, with a clean and minimal UI. Deployed using Github Pages

Check out the repo

AgriBot 1.0

It is a prototype locomotive that collects soil related readings from different areas of the field and provides suitable information to a farmer regarding crop choice and growth.

Check out

I-City Mangaluru App

An app based on the theme Smart City. This app basically includes components required for a smooth functioning of an ideal city.

Check out

Prototypical Agriculture System

An Interface which co-ordinates with incorporated technology which are currently being used in other sectors, to give smart guidance to a farmer for a successful yield.

Check out

Swachh Bin 1.0

A prototype dustbin that can be kept in a vehicle. It is a unique bin as it can compress waste added to it and make space for more waste to be added.

Check out

Home Security System

An all-in-one model home security system with phone control and live streaming agility.

Check out


Bluetooth-controlled Omni-Directional car equipped with Mechanum Wheels.

Check out


Competitions and Events

Winner at CSS Battle 2022

CSS Battle 2022 was a image recreation competition using CSS, organised by Google Student Developers Club PESU ECC and ACM Club PESU ECC on 22nd April 2022

Winners at RotoQuiz 2021

Won the 1st place in the Regional Level and 2nd Runners up at the National level in the World's Longest Running Quiz event organised by Rotary International

Winners at Chem-Connect 2020

A national level chemistry event organised by St. Aloysius College, Mangalore comprising various events related to chemistry, and people from different parts of the nation

Runners Up at Engiconnect 2019, NITK Surathkal

For presenting AgriBot 1.0 prototype model at Engiconnect 2019, a state level Science and Technology symposium organised by National Institute of Technology, Karnataka

Amateur Scientist Award

For pitching on Swacch Bin 1.0 prototype at Innoventure 2017, a national level entrepreneurship challenge organised by Intelligence Plus, at Pune, Maharashtra

Runner Up at Dreamathon 2019

For developing I-City Mangaluru App in the 24-Hour Hackathon organised by Sahyadri College of Engineering and Management, Adyar, Mangalore

Runner Up in Intelligensia 2018

For proposing a model of a prototypical agriculture system and presenting its features in the current scenario of agriculture

1st Place in District Level Jnana Vijnana Mela, 2016

For developing Ideal Home Security System, an all in one security system with live streaming agility and was qualified for the state level

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Felicitation at Aikyam Child Care Center,
Mangalore, Karnataka

Recognition for promoting interests in science, innovations and entrepreneurship across the student community

Felicitation at Shri Kshetra Gejjegiri,
Puttur, Karnataka

Recognised as Young Scientist of D.K for achievements in science and technology.

Felicitation at Kollur Shri Mookambika Temple,
Kollur, Karnataka

For developing automated soil testing locomotive prototype namely AgriBot

Felicitation at Shri Kudroli Gokarnanatheshwara Temple,
Mangalore, Karnataka

For devising population oriented solutions which help in betterment of the living environment

Felicitation by Billava Mahamandala,
Mulki, Karnataka

For developing AgriBot which would prove itself useful for the agrarian community

Felicitation by KPCC Committee,
Mangalore, Karnataka

For displaying notable achievements in the field of science, computers and academics

Felicitation by Rashtriya Chraistara Vedike,
Mangalore, Karnataka

For contributing to the upliftment of the agricultural sector by developing AgriBot prototype

Recognition by Sahyadri College of Engineering,
Mangalore, Karnataka

For excellent performance and outstanding achievements while representing Sahyadri Edu Dreamers Pvt. Ltd and in various events and hackathons

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